We are SO excited about your event! To help us better prepare for your big event and make it the best it can be, please fill out the following planning form. Use this form to tell us specific wishes and requests that we can use to make your event POP!
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What is on the title on your invitations or promo for your event? Is this to benefit a charity? Celebrate a Holiday, Person, or Birthday? (ex: "George's 75th Birthday Bash", "2015 ATC Peachtree Road Race", "Sprite Slam Dunk Showdown", or "The Susan B. Komen - Race for the Cure", etc...)
ie: #DJerock #InTheMix #DJerocksAnnualPumpkinCarvingEDMFoodtruckAndJazzMUSICFestivalInTHEPark
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Please pay attention to the differences and let us know if there is 3-pronged power available. If there is not power available on site DJerock is proud to offer The E-ROCK, a one-of-a-kind mobile power unit owned and operated by DJerock productions.
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Use this space to specify which of the following lighting and special effect options you would like to use to create the atmosphere for your event.
What colors or themes would you like to be emphasized at your event?
*Please List specifically all Songs, Artists, Versions or Remixes, & Special Notes for each section. Also, please note if the song(s) are to be played from the beginning of the track or start at a particular part of the song. (Time-codes are most helpful) ie: “I Gotta Feeling” By The Black Eyed Peas From 0:15 -1:37 then Fade Out If anything doesn’t apply to you or your needs please mark as: ”N/A”.
(If so please give exact details & sound requirements)
(ie: freeze dance, music or other trivia, dance contest, limbo, etc...)
(Ie: Cake, Presents, Toasts, slideshows, etc...)
Also, Is there a designated Dance Floor or Dancing Area?
My DEFAULT is to always gear to Spin Radio Edited & Clean/Age Appropriate music. (The versions of songs you would be able to hear on the radio.) IF for some reason you would prefer UNEDITED or Adult content/style music, Please make note of that here. Otherwise, You will enjoy a set that Toddlers and Grandma's alike can both enjoy.
(This is to help create a vibe for the style of music you would like played. You can input specific song requests later in this form)
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(Please be Specific on Title, Artist, Version or Remix, and any other important info about each request)
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